Evolutionary Psychology

Investigating the Evolutionary Function of Emotional Tears

Fiona Rutherford - Brunel University, UK.

Time to complete - 20 minutes.

This study aims to investigate human emotional signalling and moral decisions. You’ll will be given hypothetical scenarios from which you’ll be asked to make decisions about a series of photographs of human faces. You’ll also be given questionnaires to determine how you express emotions and manage the emotions of others.

Who are you Attracted to? A Questionnaire Asking you to Rate the Attractiveness of a Dating Profile

Dr Wnedy Iredale and Lucy Alton - Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

Time to complete - 15 minutes.

You are invited to participate in a study exploring the attractiveness in the form of an online questionnaire. During the study you will view a dating profile and then be asked a series of questions about the profile. These questions may involve short answers, yes or no responses or using a rating scale.

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