Psychology of Judgement and Decision Making

Relationship between Career Decision-Making, Emotional Intelligence and Motivation

Aisha Ginwalla - University of Worcester, UK.

Time to complete - 15 minutes.

This study aims to investigate the relationship between Career Decision-Making, Motivation and Emotional Intelligence. A better understanding of how final year university students make career decisions would be helpful in providing career support and guidance.

Does Economic Confidence Influence Voting Decisions

Dr. Kristen Knowles - Queen Margaret University, UK.

Time to complete - 20 minutes.

You will be asked to view images of faces and make some judgements about them, including rating them for attractiveness. We will also ask you about your political beliefs and demographic information.

Must reside in Scotland to participate.

Matching Facial Composites to People in a Photo Line-Up

Ashley Durkin and Dr. Robert Nash - Aston University, UK.

Time to complete - 15 minutes.

Your task will be to rate the similarity of people in a photograph line-up compared to a facial composite. A mixture of multiple choice questions and rating scale responses are required.

Parable Study

Sharon Abraham - Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Time to complete - 5 minutes.

PART1:Starts with a questionnaire (<10 minutes). You will be asked to study a Parable’s meaning in its applications to the situations and circumstances in your own life PART2.

Part 2 of the study can only be attempted after ONE week. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire (<3 minutes).

Gender Differences in Sexually-Related Confidence in Relationships

Ken Rotenberg and Rimike Omolekulo - Keele University, UK.

Time to complete - 5 minutes.

The study is on peoples’ confidence in romantic partners regarding sexual and social matters. Based on evolutionary psychology that suggests that men and women are inherently different regarding their sexual-reproductive behavior, this study wants to find out whether this concept of gender differences still prevails in contemporary contexts.

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