Positive Psychology

Improve Your Well-Being!

Holli-Anne Passmore & Dr. Mark D. Holder - University of British Columbia, Canada.

Time to complete - 30 minutes.

This is a three-part study. Part-One: answer questionnaires on your emotions – 30 minutes. Part-Two: the next 2 weeks – spend 10 minutes per day on an assigned well-being exercise, which includes making a brief, online daily diary entry each night. Part-Three: end of 3rd week – final questionnaires – 20 minutes.

Perfectionism as a Moderator of the Effects of the Best Possible Self visualization on Positive Affect and Well-being

Marco Kobold - Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

Time to complete - 45 minutes.

I am conducting this study to learn more about the factors that influence the beneficial effect of reflective writing exercises on positive affect and well-being. Previous research shows that reflective writing exercises may not be universally applicable. I am interested to see, if personality traits affect the outcome of the intervention.

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