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1) Confirmation of “ethical approval” of the study is compulsory. Please upload a copy of approval on either a University/College letterhead or include a signature or stamp from the ethics committee. If your institution uses e-mail as confirmation of ethical approval, please scan and upload a copy of the email instead.

2) If you do not use an academic email address for your submission your submission will be ignored.

3) When using the form below, note that: a) the study title should be free from Psychological jargon to ensure it is accessible to the public, and should be no longer than 80 characters (with spaces); and b) the study “Description” will be displayed on the website for participants to see and need only explain what the study is about and involves. The Description should not make any reference to standard ethical issues, and should not mention study incentives such as prize draws.

4) Use the “Further comments” to provide the URL for the specific web page where you have added a link to (if you do not do this your submission will not be considered). For example, you could add “For more online psychology studies visit” to either your debrief page or department’s research pages. If you are unable to provide the exact URL for the page you have placed this statement/link on, please state this. You can also use the Further comments box for any issues not covered by the other fields.

4) Note that by submitting your study to Online Psychology Research you are also consenting for your study to be shared on the Onine Psychology Research Facebook Page  If you do not wish for your study to be shared on Facebook, please state this in the Further Comments box.

5) You will not be notified when your study has been uploaded, so please keep checking the website, but please be patient. During busy periods it may take some time to process your request.

6) By submitting your study to this site, you are simultaneously agreeing to contact us to remove your study once you have finished collecting data. This is essential for ensuring that the site does not contain many obselete links (which can put off potential participants), or links to studies that have finished collecting data but are still active online. The latter is particularly frustrating for participants, not to mention unethical, when they realise they have taken part in a study that is no longer using their data and gives them false hope of a reward such as a prize draw.

The easiest way to remove your study is to use the “Contact us” form on the site, but be sure to tell us the name of your study. If we do not hear from you we will remove your study automatically after 6 months. If you are planning on collecting data for longer than 6 months, then plase state this in the “Further Comments” box when you submit your study.

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