Are all Job Demands Bad? Employee Engagement and Burnout: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Japanese and UK Employees

This study examine the impact of job resources and cultures (looking at values and Regulatory focus style) on the relationships between job demands and work engagement and burnout as well as several job-related outcomes. Previous research have shown inconsistent and conflicting findings on job demands-engagement relationships. This study further takes that argument suggesting that there exist good demands (so called Eustress) and bad demands (hindrance stressors). Comparison between Western context and Japanese context are also made where Japanese workers tend to show lowest engagement and highest burnout level among any other countries.

Participation of this survey is limited only to those who have some sort of work experience (including part-time, internship, full-time).
Some questions ask you to reflect on the past 2 month, however if you are currently not working, please think of when you used to work.

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